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Quality not Quantity in life.
From research it appears that the original landowners who have been unable to complete the development are attempting to sell the property. Not clear but it does not appear that a "project" is in motion but rather an attempt to sell the land with "supposed" permits that may be questionable and supported by local political representatives who stand to gain. Difficult to really imagine any knowledgeable investor in this failing economy sinking 30 plus million into a piece of property lacking infrastructure and a 150-200 million dollar investment required to construct a project of this magnatude. Quality development can be an asset to most areas, quantity development of this nature is a curse upon an area of this natural beauty on this island of Puerto Rico where corrupt political leaders have whored themselves and the people they supposedly represent to the greed monger developers. In short this project is a short sighted attempt to salvage a non existent economy that has for decades been funded by a colonial intruder that has neutered the self esteem and motivation of the Pruerto Rican people who have allowed themselves to become a dependent culture.
May the Almighty have mercy on those whose abuse it's gifts & blessings.

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