Liz Phillips
Liz Phillips campaign leader

I was a teen that had no idea about the important of safe sex. I learn my lesson the hard way, that cause harm to my family, friends, and kids. I hope to stop other teens from making the same mistake I did. I thank God, for helping me get through the hard time as a single mother. I am marry now without my kids, because I could not afford to keep them or go to court for them. I made bad decision for years, and I hope to help one life or millions to not live in proverty with children. It took me years to learn the important of understanding my sex life. I understand now the power of sex and my responsibility. I was not prepare to handle a boyfriend, that cause me years of heartache and pain. I wasted my youth on boys that didn't honor me or love me. I hope everyone join me in bring awareness of teen pregnancy problem in America.
(I am a minister at Lifestyle Ministry Online:

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