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Get involved in the #EcocideBlast

Dear friends of End Ecocide,

The week ahead will be an exciting one: We have four events coming up:
Monday, 28th 1st day - metro smart mob Paris
Teusday 29th a crime scence where the victim is Earth
Wednesday 30th - a giant chalk painting
Wednesday 30th - mock trial at Reading university

However, to make it a real #EcocideBlast, we need social media and online activity as much as offline. You can help us with that!

Tweet and post about us whenever you can. A selection of possible tweets is below but feel free to adjust and add new ones.

Thanks! Together we can make it a real #EcocideBlast! :)


Hashtags - #Paris #EcocideBlast #EndEcocide #Metro #Europe #FlashMob


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