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Our Elected decision makers are ignoring us! Demand a response to our petition

Dear Michael Trout MP Barron River, Gavin King MP Cairns, David Kempton MP Cook, Curtis Pitt MP Mulgrave, Warren Entsch Federal Member Leichhardt.

Your community delivered a petition to our Health Minister Lawrence Springborg in April this year, demanding a dedicated mental health ward for our young people in FNQ and improved and available before and after care.  We expressed our deep concern that young people are being placed on the Adult Mental Health ward and children with mental illness on the Paediatric, Maternity and other inappropriate wards.  Since then I have heard of an adolescent who was severely ill being placed in an aged persons home.  

We, your community have NOT had a formal reply from Parliament, and have discovered that the petition has not even been 'tabled'.  We believe due process is an official response from the incumbent government, and the opposition.  We have had NOTHING!  Mr Springborg was most sympathetic to our cause, but we need more than sympathy.  Our local Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service are tackling the issue as best as it can, and all concerned agencies that work in the mental health field are working hard to improve things for everyone with mental illhealth.  BUT we need and deserve a formal response, we demand that our petition be tabled immediately and that response be forthcoming asap.  FNQ can't proceed without the backing and support of our State government.

This is what it says on the Queensland Parliament website:

Petitioning is one of the traditional forms by which citizens can make requests direct to Parliament. A petition is a formal request signed by at least one person and placed before the Parliament with the object of persuading the Parliament to take some particular action. For example, a petition may request the alteration of the general law or the re-consideration of some administrative decision.

We are not 1 citizen but 9,500.  

Please comment here and or write or email your MP.

Thank you, our job is not done yet. 

Ruth Crouch 


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