Allie Paquin
Allie Paquin pledged

This is my pibble mutt, Gypsy. I adopted her almost seven years ago through a rescue group, who pulled her mother and the rest of her litter from a high kill shelter in NC. Not a day goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars for this girl. She's been with me through the hardest times of my life, and also the best times. She spreads joy to everyone she meets with her giant grin, wiggly butt and sloppy kisses, which she gives out so freely. Many people are happy to meet her, shake her paw and get a smooch as they pat her head, unfortunately there are also many people who haven't had the good fortune to have met a good representative of what these dogs are when they've been raised and/or cared for by responsible, loving and caring owners. These people make comments about "vicious pit bulls" as we pass them on the sidewalk, and it hurts me to know that so many people hate my best friend, and judge her because of the actions of the criminals and uncaring people who have transformed the American Pit Bull Terrier into a name that frightens mothers and children, instead of being referred to as "the nanny dog" as was once common. I share the dream of other pibble owners, to take back control of this situation by proving to people that my dog is a safe and productive member of our society, by stopping and educating people we meet who are willing to listen. I am backing up my assurances that she is a wonderful and loving creature by pursuing certification from Therapy Dogs International, in order to lend a paw to those in need of the silent but powerful support and love of a good canine friend. I urge my fellow pibble owners to also find ways of showing your communities that our dogs are peaceful members of society. We can hammer people with facts and statistics until our faces turn blue, but what really changes people's minds is a real life, face to face positive experience with a good pibble ambassador. By supporting the Million Pibble March, we can crack down on the criminals who continue to destroy this breed's reputation, and make our society a more safe and peaceful place for humans and pets alike!

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