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What we can do for the turkeys

Dozens more turkeys were captured and will be killed today.  What we need to do for the turkeys (and Staten Island deer) is not feed them. Its feeding that makes them hang out at the hospital and though they are loved by many, it also makes some people hate them and they are also easy to round up & be killed this way. They are better off not trusting people.  If you do feed them only do so to lure them AWAY from the hospital and other places where they are not wanted by all.   We also need to raise funds for the Catskills sanctuary so they can take in more turkeys and more turkeys can live out their lives in peace. 

Campaign closed

There was no transparency or public discussion about the killing of our turkeys either because the powers that be know is wrong and know that the public would object.  These turkeys are companions to many, attract tourists and even have helped people meet & bond with one another.  I have so many happy memories of our turkeys.  They were a real comfort & joy.  Also a learning…

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