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Team Nigeria admitted they were bitten by Ethiopia according to Suppersport’s web site

Team Nigeria admitted they were badly bitten by Ethiopia according to Suppersport’s  web site

  Nigerian Super Eagles were heavily bitten by the Wallias and they were scrambled for cover for the first half of the game. They said they were slow starters and was tired easily and was worried their dream could be vanished from their own eyes in 90 mnts. Their coach   said it in other words. 

"“We suffered a lot in the first leg because of the altitude in Addis Ababa. They had a plan to wear us out inside the first 30 minutes. "

"“That was why they started out the way they did. They tried to make us run all over the pitch and tire us out but these things are expected when you play away from home and in such a place. "

“I had a frank discussion with my players at half time and we knew we had to correct the situation. We changed our tactics and the Ethiopians got tired after 70 minutes which made our job easier,” he said. "

They tried to blame Addis's altitude and Wallais’s intention to warn them out quickly.  They changed their game plan in the 2nd half of the game and  with  generous help from beloved  referee they were able to win (if that is called winning) . Now,  they are really in  relaxing mood and the next game will be just killing time.

I think here is what Wallias need to do.

  •     Score fast two goals in the first half
  •    Play wide after they score two goals
  •    Play safe and play with FIFA's rules (with the new FIFA's RULES –may be 2014 rules)
  •    Use endurance and make the Nigerian Team to scream “ Enate, Enate, “
  •    That is my advice.

What is yours  


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