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West Virginia state Senator, Jay Rockefeller believes in your privacy-Sign this petition today!

Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia continues to demand answers from Experian due to his inquiry about the releasing of information from their data bases to underground Data Brokers! Experian continues to be non-compliant. Apparently they feel your valuable and private information is up for grabs for the right price and they have no reason to respond to the Senators questions! I wanted to find a friend I fell out of touch with so I tested this online information posting. I looked her up on the free online White Pages site. I found her. I found her address, phone number, location on Maps, street view of her house, her car. This is serious. This is a true invasion of someone's privacy. Sure I found her address but I didn't have any business knowing the rest of what I found. Your security is at risk. Identity thieves can access everything because now they can now give private (secured) information to falsely identify themselves as being you in order  to gain access to all your financial institutions to obtain your account balances and activity. Are you not scared? I was of the understanding that credit bureaus could not provide any information about a person without a signed authorization from the individual the credit history is for. Didn't you? Isn't this a crime? A breach of trust? How would you feel if your bank did this to you? Well, this is just as serious because your banks all inclusive information about you was the same as to what Experian had on file so they simply provided this information rather than your bank doing so on their own.


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