Matthew King
Matthew King campaign leader

We are Agents of Change for Change Agents.

Our <strong>three priorities</strong> for flood relief in Boulder County:
<li>Getting local organic farmers up and running as soon as possible. The farm to table community in Colorado is vast. Local restaurants and small grocers need help now.</li>
<li>Ditch companies coordinate the use and ensure proper maintenance for the efficient operation of surface water irrigation systems and conveyances, which are critical to our local farmers.</li>
<li>Reconstruction efforts for parks, open spaces, trails, rivers, streams, lakes, and reservoirs.</li>
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<img alt="" src=""; width="1" height="1" border="0" /></form>Living GREEN establishes fiscally sponsored projects for people with great ideas and the courage to make a positive contribution toward social and environmental well-being.

All donations are managed according to the by-laws of the Living GREEN Foundation (FEIN: 26-1421917), a not-for-profit 501c3 organization based in Boulder, Colorado.

Living GREEN Network has concluded raising funds for the "Donate Boulder | Mudslingers". Here's a map of all of the homes served during our fiscal sponsorship of these volunteers. We are currently raising funds to support longer-term priorities farms, water resources, and natural environment.

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