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The Marin Carbon Project: Saving the Climate with Soil

“On a windswept ranch above the tiny West Marin town of Nicasio, a man in a worn Carhartt jacket holds up a blade of grass with a triumphant smile. This is rancher and philanthropist John Wick, and he’s explaining how he hopes to help save the world using an unexpected tool: dirt.”
– from The Grass Really Is Greener, by Jacoba Charles

Industrial farming is responsible for up to 51 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. That’s more than the entire global transportation industry.

It didn’t used to be that way. Before we allowed corporations to take over our food supply, with their chemicals, factory farms and genetically engineered crops, the earth’s soil was able to sequester twice as much carbon dioxide (CO2) as it does now.

Recognizing that we’ll never reverse global warming just by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, John Wick and his partners at the Marin Carbon Project, in Marin County, Calif., are looking at how we can remove massive amounts of CO2 from our polluted atmosphere, and store it in the soil. Just by making a few changes to how ranchers manage their lands.

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