Update #33 ·

Dear Sen. Warren . . .

Please answer two questions:

  1. If, as you say, you support mandatory GMO labeling laws, why haven’t you signed on as a co-sponsor to Sen. Barbara Boxer’s bill, S.809, the Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act for mandatory GMO labels?
  2. If you support mandatory labeling of GMOs, why did you ask the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to finalize its voluntary guidance? Knowing that Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers support voluntary guidance, precisely because they know it could nullify any state or federal mandatory labeling laws?

Many of you took us up on our plea last week to call Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s office to urge her to support mandatory GMO labeling laws. And many of you reported back that you were confused. Because Sen. Warren’s office told you that she is backing Sen. Barbara Boxer’s bill, and that her letter to the FDA was actually about mandatory labeling. (Which it wasn’t. The letter specifically refers to the FDA’s 00D-1598 guidance for voluntary, not mandatory, labeling).

We want to believe that Sen. Warren is on our side. But we can’t. Until she answers our questions.

Meanwhile, please call Sen. Warren to keep the pressure on.

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