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This matters to me so much because my wife has undergone with the same disease about three years back,even though she has overcome the fatal disease but her treatment and periodical check up is still continuing which has also its side effects so in a manner she is still suffering and I can do nothing but to console her time and again that its only a matter of time now since we have already crossed the bridge, but somewhere in my heart I really feel totally uneasy and annoyed for not being able to help her in this agony even though i know that i am totally helpless.So in a way I am also feeling the pain she is suffering from.

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Breast Cancer strikes one in eight women over the course of their lifetime. Unknowingly, we are exposed to harmful chemicals, including known carcinogens, in every-day products such as shampoo, toys and cleaning supplies. Instead of getting to the root causes of cancer, some companies sell pink ribbon products to raise money - and some of these products include hazardous chemicals…

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