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The Eagle to our native peoples are a very powerful and spiritual being that help guide us through our path of life.
Many times I have asked the Eagle to carry vital messages and prayers to our Creator for strength and guidance.
They represent the freedom that we all profess to live by and are our national symbol.
I have cared for injured Eagles and have gone so far as to give one mouth to beak resuscitation but sadly it did not survive it's injuries.
My heart was so saddened and heavy when my efforts to save this precious creature that words can not describe. I have felt it's power, it is within me.
I have also released successful rehabbed Eagles back to the place they belong. In our sky's to watch over us, to guide us. There is no better feeling than that. Their FREEDOM.
Lead is poison to them and all the other creatures that have come into contact with it.
NRA get rid if lead ammunition. If you don't you threaten all that our country stands for. OUR FREEDOM.

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