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Sex Absolute-Marriage- the only key to overcome all crises Absolute Sex is a Marriage between One Man and One Woman forever and the only key to overcome all crises individual, of a country or global. “Hundreds of thousands of young people throughout the world who have accepted the teachings of the Reverend Moon have ceased engaging in free sex. The message of the pure love movement, which advocates "absolute sex," is now spreading like wildfire. While free sex is based upon false love and motivated by selfish desires that come from Satan, absolute sex is the expression of absolute love centered on God. Literature, films and the media have been highlighting and fanning the flames of free sex. Now, leaders of all spheres of life, including politicians, businessmen, writers, journalists and religious leaders, must stand as one to overturn the culture's obsession with free sex. This disease cripples individuals, families and nations. We must bear in mind the importance of Adam's family, the ancestors of humanity.


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