The Death Penalty is a cruel, inhuman & degrading practice which has no place in a modern civilized democratic society. The modern criminal justice system aims not at retribution but focuses rather on deterrence and the reformation of the criminal. All the available data on death penalty suggests that it has no deterrent value as a punishment. Worldwide the data available on death penalty suggests that in many a case the wrong person has been sent to the gallows for a crime he/she never committed.


To err is human! The judiciary too is not infalliable! The judges are prone to genuine bonafide errors. Shuold a human life be subjected to the falliable judgment of a judge? In India it has been found by the Supreme Court itself that the awarding of Capital Punishment is judge centric and subjective and not based on objectivity and an impartial weighing of the mitigating and agrravating factors as required by the hon'ble Supremem Court in the Bachaan Singh case in which the Supreme Court laid down the 'rarest of rare' principle and also the guidelines for awarding the death penalty in such cases.

It is also an established fact that worldwide the death penalty is awarded to the socially deprived sections and the affluent classes mostly manage to get away with their crimes. The criminal justice system is heavily loaded in favour of the rich and the powerful. The right to equality guranteed by aricle 14 of the Indian Constitution remains a mirage to the poor and the weak in this country.

In such a scenario the Death Penalty is nothing but an arbitatry and immoral crime on humanity.

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