If ur human not inhumane you would know any animal isn't disposable they live think breathe have a soul sense feel and grieve like we do if u can't understand why we need to defend and protect animals rights and make the humans take responsibility for their failure to do what real humans do like spay neuter abusers get the harshest penalties longer jail sentences so the world and the evil humans in it pay the ultimate price murder is murder cat farms pet stores etc backyard breeding lack of duty of care look upon animals as nothing is wrong immoral shows no compassion no respect for the animals quality of life and well being then they don't deserve the privileges and love and joy that animals are so willing to give us!!! They sense feel grieve hurt have a soul devoted loving and trusting it's everyone s duty when having an animal in their lives to ensure its a healthy happy forever home and share a unique life with them that evil humans are incapable of!!! No one needs kill lists violence abuse amusement etc at the expense of any animals existence at evil human whims if u can't step up don't take an animal on all cute when little till the novelty wears off then they become disposed of like trash,,, this is not being a decent human being!!! It's wrong despicable and unforgivable to choose to have an animal who thinks u can be trusted to defend and protect them then just turn ur back on them and walk away like they never existed!!! Step up speak up be a voice act or whatever it takes to do right or buy a stuffed toy instead!!!!

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