Denise Bishop
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I have always known that it was not good to even use plastic near food or drink. I happen to work at a museum where I had a chance to meet a plastic engineer from England and through our conversation he hinted on the fact that plastic is not fit for human consumption and because it is only now that all these medical problems are popping up in our communities, plastic is the kind of a silent killer. Because the chemical changes in plastic when exposed to heat and other environmental elements it can affect us in ways that it takes a long time to for it to come out as a medical problem. Plastic is not fit for humans and the planet, period! I would love to see businesses resorting to glass like they used to. It's safer. I hate the fact that I have to use a plastic drinking bottle that supposed to be safe to drink liquids out of so the advertisers say. I would like to eradicate plastic near our foods and water sources. Get back to the basics; use natural glass. There is no such thing as natural plastic!

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