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A baby beagle was murdered by a vicious cowardly soulless evil human who has no regards for life whatsoever murder is murder these animal abusers are never REALLY made accountable and get off with fines light prison terms yet they have taken an innocent life!!! Lawmakers need to change lenient prison terms to the harshest penalties murder is murder and animals can't speak up or defend themselves what this evil human did is unforgivable unforgettable and justice for this innocent young life that he chose to take did this in the most cruelest and violent way possible without a second thought other than any life is disposable THESE ANIMALS DONT DESERVE TO LIVE THEIR LIVES OUT OUTSIDE A CAGE to INFLICT MORE PAIN on MORE INNOCENT LIVES AND DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED this beagle puppy's life he took should not be in vain!!!! PUT THIS EVIL AWAY WHERE HE BELONGS CAGED WITH OTHER MURDERERS AND THROW AWAY THE KEY ITS THE ONLY RIGHT THING TO DO!!!!

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