Nancy Kricorian

Dear Stolen Beauty campaign supporters,

We want to thank the 5,722 people who signed our petition calling on Nordstrom to stop selling illegal settlement goods from Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories. A supporter in Seattle, who has spoken with Blake Nordstrom and other Nordstrom executives in the past, called Nordstrom corporate headquarters a number of times asking to set up a time to deliver the petition. She was finally told that it would be best if we MAILED the petitions to Mr. Nordstrom. So we printed out the signatures—over 150 pages—and posted them on October 8th. We requested delivery confirmation so that we would be sure Blake Nordstrom received your message, and on October 10th at 12:12 p.m. someone at the office accepted and signed for the package.

In the meantime, another boycott supporter in Seattle, Ed Mast of THEY REALLY SAID THAT, made a terrific video entitled “MUD IS A GRAY AREA: Talking with Nordstrom about Ahava and Occupation.” You can find it on the homepage of the Stolen Beauty site ( and on our CAUSES campaign page.

We will keep pressuring Nordstrom to live up to its socially responsible business guidelines and to stop selling Ahava cosmetics. Ahava’s occupation profiteering is ugly, and uglier still is an American company that continues to profit from land theft, pillage and the dispossession of the Palestinian people. You can send an additional letter to Blake Nordstrom via the Stolen Beauty web site (

Thanks again for your support. Thanks for helping to take the profit out of occupation.

Working for justice, dignity and equality for all in Israel and Palestine,

Nancy and the Stolen Beauty Team

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