Update #5 ·

"Did you make the brain too big again?"

The Reconomy Global Timebank 2-Minute Intro Animation:


Follow this link to view, and consider voting for us on Facebook.

Finalists and runners-up invited to present at the Compassion and Technology Conference on December 6th at Stanford University.  Winners receive economic and technical help and an opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama on February 24th.

This Timebank is yours.  Don't forget to feed it.

How you can help

THE RECONOMY GLOBAL TIMEBANK Thank you to everyone who joined Reconomy here and signed this petition and shared it with friends.  The overwhelming majority of members and signatures are a result of this sharing-forward. At this time, I ask that you do not sign this petition here but join our Global Timebank at http://ReconomyGlobalTimebank.net which requires acceptance of the text as our…

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One Bicycle per Person (1bpp.net) addresses the tremendous unmet need for this affordable, clean transportation for the billions of individuals who have been left behind. Sustainable communities require sustainable marketplaces, and bicycles are just the right size for both, because for most individuals today they improve access to local essential goods and services. Today, there are more than…

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