BPC is passionate about the fight against world hunger. To gain some better perspective on how impactful this issue is around the world, please read these facts below... Together we can help make a difference!


• Approximately 823 million people do not have enough to eat, and 98 percent of them live in developing countries.
• One of seven people in the developing world suffers from hunger.
• 400 million are starving children.
• More than 110 million starving children live in just 10 countries.
• Malnutrition is associated with more than half of all childhood deaths.
• A child dies every 15 seconds because he or she is severely underweight or lacks essential nutrients. This is the equivalent of 20 jumbo jets crashing every day.
• More than 25,000 people die of hunger-related causes every day.
• More people die each year from hunger-related causes than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis
• Between 5 and 6 million children die each year from infections that would not have killed them had they been properly fed.
• The industrialized world, including the United States, makes up only 4 percent of the world’s hungry.
• More than 2 million children have severe vision problems due to a lack of vitamin A.
• The lives of approximately 684,000 children would be saved by increasing access to vitamin
A and zinc.
• There is enough food in the world to feed everyone 4.3 pounds of food every day.
• The world has produced enough food to feed itself since the 1960s.
• Farmers produce 25 percent more calories per person than they did 30 years ago.

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