Cheri Wood
Cheri Wood campaign leader

The Texas Prader-Willi Association was created by Texas families in order to enhance the quality of lives for all affected by Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS). We are always available to all for support, education, and advocacy.

In January 2013, the Texas Prader-Willi Association 'Legislative Team' was able to obtain inclusion during the 83rd Texas State Senate Session which only occurs once every two years. A proposal was presented to the floor by Texas state Senator Jane Nelson to research our subset population of Prader-Willi individuals in Texas. In May of 2013, we receive word that language was accepted and voted in under Senate Bill 7. Research by the State of Texas concerning the care and needs of all living with PWS has been completed under this Bill. With PWS being such a complex and unique disability, we know there is a lack of support across Texas and still much to be done. This issue remains worldwide. We need to stand together and remain strong!

We ask that you join us to help bring enhancing opportunities through awareness to the quality of all lives affected by Prader-Willi Syndrome. We are better together, so please, Team up with us to help us reach our goals for our PWS community! Together we can do great things!!!

*Prader Willi Syndrome affects persons worldwide. You do not have to live in Texas to help us give our loved ones with PWS the lives they deserve to live!!! PLEASE SIGN & SHARE!


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