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Please support 1 of 3 causes for Kids & Vets!

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Sharing the Birthday Spirit with Kids and Vets! Choose 1 of 3 great causes!

As I look to my next decade, it is important to me to kick it off with a focus on giving back and making a difference. Instead of gifts, please share the birthday spirit with either the Arizona's Children Association (foster care/adoption agency), NotMyKid (peer education for teens) or the Wounded Warrior Project. And yes, for those who know how much I love pandas - they just may be next when we reach the donation goals! I just thought we'd focus on kids and vets first...

Campaign closed

Grateful. Appreciative. Indebted. Just a few thoughts that come to mind when I think of what our military men and women do to protect our country every single day. Supporting the Wounded Warrior Project is one of the best things we can do to thank the men and women who have been injured projecting us.  With so many amazing and important causes to choose to support for my birthday, I knew without…

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