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UPP! Urges Pakistan PM to Back Humanitarian Efforts for Peace

UPP! Urges Pakistan Prime Minister to Back Emerging Office for Peace in Bajaur Agency

Pakistani Journalist and Peace Activist Muhammad Khurshid and UPP! President Seth D. King Partner to Bring Peace and Transparency

VENICE, Calif. – Oct. 22, 2013 – As President Obama tomorrow meets with newly-elected Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, a Los Angeles-based international peace-building organization, United People for Peace (UPP!), is requesting PM Sharif to support its emerging office for peace in Bajaur Agency, Pakistan. Today, UPP! International Director Seth D. King along with newly-appointed Pakistan Regional Director journalist Muhammad Khurshid have launched UPP! Pakistan News and are partnering on a project in the war-torn Bajaur Agency near the Afghanistan border. 

In light of today’s report by Amnesty International calling some of these drone strikes “war crimes,” UPP! urges President Obama to end violence, drone strikes and civilian casualties in Pakistan.

 Will I be next? This slogan to build awareness to the plight of the Pakistani people living under drone surveillance and ongoing terror underlies Khurshid’s new peace project, which intends to stop drones from striking them and their children, their family, friends and local community. Khurshid’s peace project in conjunction with UPP! will also implement a program to end hunger, poverty, illiteracy and corruption in war-torn Bajaur Agency.

Dear Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif,

We want to express to you our support of your efforts to end violence, drone strikes, and civilian casualties in Pakistan’s tribal regions. Since taking office in June, you have been
outspoken in your criticism of U.S. drone strikes targeting extremists in Pakistan's tribal regions. You also spoke out against these strikes in your speech to the United Nations General Assembly last month, arguing that civilian casualties from these strikes undermine Pakistan's "resolve and efforts to eliminate extremism and terrorism from

We are an international peace-building association dedicated to forwarding international partnership and stability on Earth. We advocate for an immediate shift away from nationally driven militarization in economic exchange for the massive pre-emptive provision of humanitarian aid, disaster relief and community service to all people around the world with an international public media broadcast of this shift.

We represent an international multi-faceted collective of people, groups, and organizations demanding that President Obama and the United States government dramatically re-align and refocus their economic and political policies to the pre-emptive provision of humanitarian aid, disaster relief and community service towards all people and specifically now to the people of Pakistan.

The Scope of the UPP! Vision is ultimately to generate a global movement of people who are responsible for feeding, clothing, housing and educating every single person. We are quite literally committed to a world where 80-90% of the money now spent on the machines of war and on soldiers in the military is re-allocated towards forwarding education, providing goods and services, ending poverty and building humane and healthy communities for the future of all our children.

See the complete Press Release and support our campaign at... www.youcaring.com/voiceforpeace

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