My experience with workplace bullying literally almost cost me my life. I was hospitalized in Intensive care after bleeding out from stress induced colitis. It is heartbreaking to see the levels of bullying that occur when those at the "top" decide to make someone their target. It not only affects the targeted employee but also those around them who "know" that they must get on the bandwagon (by also abusing the targeted employee) to keep the bullying boss happy. Many "reason" or "excuses" seem to be used ie..the bullying boss is threatened by the competence of his/her target, the bullying boss does not have the skills to manage in an appropriate manner, the bullying boss suffers their own insecurities so must bully to make themselves feel more powerful...ALL of which I call foul on. There is no excuse for hurting anyone for ANY reason. There is no excuse for damaging someone's health to the point of near death. There is no excuse for tearing families apart. I for one am dedicated to seeing legislation passed against workplace bullying and I am hopeful that you will be too.


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