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In a world full of bad news (daily), political questioning, global terrorism,it's about me-me-me attitudes, it is unexpected to read of such a story that tears at your heart in all the good ways.
John's story of his beloved partner schoep renews my faith tha in this world we have people that are filled with compassion and full of love and selfless.
I know what it is to own a dog, I know what it is like to see that partner suffer and I know what it is like to suffer from the loss of that partner.
John's actions make me proud and make me feel like I've fallen short of doing all I can for my partners, he has made me aware of thier needs beyond the typical belly rub.
the greatest lesson he taught is selfless love and care for his 'best friend'.
I salute this man, his deceased partner and all those who spread the word of his
great story.
Out of one single extraordinary picture we were first hand intuned to an 'EXTRA-ordinary' man and dog and story of love.
I do not want to see ANY political figurehead on the cover of TIME magazine, rather someone 'common' like you and I but with the single most important attribute to have has a human: a love for others.
It's written in the bible, it has been sung about for thousands of years but its something we rarely see in our times.

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