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He Gave his LIFE for you Can you give his family a Signature

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He Gave his LIFE for you  Can you give his family a Signature?

Imagine you are a pilot in Vietnam and your plane is shot and on fire & you have to parachute into enemy territory. You land in a tree & your leg is broken & your hands entangled in the parachute rendering you helpless. You are captured and probably filled with fear. This what my dad, Col. O'Grady experienced. He endured this for his country.

Now 40 years later they know exactly where he is buried and left him in an unmarked grave 8,000 miles away. If you believe he deserves better than please take 5 minutes and sign the PETITION to bring him HOME! Everyone says Bring them all HOME~ Here is your chance to really Bring one MIA HOME.I need a lot of signatures very fast because the petition was suspended during the shut down. PLEASE HELP. PLEASE SIGN.
Just Click the LINK and SIGN:

Bring a Hero HOME!!!

Just click the Link & SIGN the Petition:


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