Update #11 ·

Social work dept. fraud.

I have just learned that Dundee City Council Social Work Dept. have committed fraud. I argued that the power of attorney was not legal as it held no signatures. I was told that it was ok because a signed one had been issued 7 years before and sent to the office of the public guardian, but, the copy being used had never been signed. Tayside Police have agreed that if it was not signed it should not have been accepted. 

DCC social work dept. then told me the the original form had been rectified. In order for this to have happened they would have had to resurrect our mother who had passed away almost a year before. So who signed her name? Also as Carole was deemed to have lacked capacity, she should never have been asked to sign either. It took away her right to have changed her mind. 

This takes us one step closer to our goal. The other investigations by the GMC & SFIU are still ongoing but I will keep you informed.

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