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Now on Net Flix the TWA Documentary on why you should sign this petition. Read the book about the pilot losing his fiancé on this flight also.

In his page-turner of a  book, 13,760 Feet: My Personal Hole in the Sky, pilot Mark Berry, a lifelong adventurer who lost his beloved fiancé Susanne Jensen on TWA Flight 800, writes movingly about the enormous impact losing her had on his life.  His book is also sprinkled with very interesting observations about the crash investigation.  Here are a few of them: 

"Lots of explanations for TWA Flight 800 made their try-outs on the news"

First up was a theory that the air conditioning packs overheated and caused the center tank to explode after sitting on the ground for two and ahalf hours during a ninety-degree evening. That was laughable to anyone with an understanding of aircraft systems.  Delayed takeoffs are an every day summer occurrence.  Additionally, the adiabatic lapse rate cools ouratmosphere at approximately 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit per 1,000 feet rise in altitude.  Translation: air gets thinner and cooler at increasing altitudeat a predictable rate.  At nearly 14,000 feet, the outside air temperature would have been fifty-three degrees, hardly a workout for an air conditioner certified for extreme conditions over a thirty-year service life.""Courtroom defendants have been convicted of felonies based on a single eyewitness report.  The FBI and CIA found a way to sweep aside more witnesses than dead passengers and crew. "What business did the CIA have in a U.S. registered aircraftinvestigation, and why did this normally clandestine organization (tasked with foreign intelligence gathering) become the domestic live broadcast delegate?"


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