Update #25 ·


On October 16, 2013, the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services made a decision, a deadly one. As everyone knows, the City and ACS are claiming to be striving for NO-KILL status yet on Wednesday, days after members of the ACS staff attended the BEST FRIENDS CONFERENCE entitled: SAVE THEM ALL, the powers that be at ACS ELECTED to allow for the brutal suffering of 11 newborn puppies that were delivered by a loving, beautiful momma dog that was in their care. Her name was Lily. A loving and kind foster had already stepped up for Lily AND her unborn pups. She was heart worm positive and ACS's policy is not to spay or neuter HW positive dogs. She was leaking milk and near labor. They weren't accepting anymore pets for surgery. Lily went into labor. 11 precious souls were birthed. The pups were alive immediately after delivery, and were transferred ALIVE IN THE BIRTH SACK to EBI where the ACS VET (name can be obtained via an Open Records Request) killed the 11 puppies in a "gruesome manner"- so horrific, that ACS staff has come forward to get the word out, strongly feeling the vet's actions were so horrific that the doctor needs to be fired for their attitude regarding the glorification of killing animals--these innocent new born puppies---who were killed in such a tragic and cruel way. THIS IS THE REAL ACS. 

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: ACS has now decided that they will no longer allow for any one to mention, acknowledge or publish photographs of any dog that is suspected to be pregnant as they will continue to practice such horrific acts. THIS IS YOUR CITY KILL SHELTER- HEARTLESS, CRUEL and INDIFFERENT---THIS IS ACS!


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