Sue O'Neill
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Water meters are unfair, clean drinking water is a basic right, it is also paid for in your rates demand. Just because hamilton city council has done nothing in regard to upgrading the infrastructure even though the city has grown immensely in recent years, regardless of weather come 1st december till the 1st of march every year our council puts water restrictions on us why because it saves them money this savings is not passed on in rate reductions for us it is used to swell council coffers. There is no need to restrict water, there is a need to upgrade our water treatment facility. Ask yourself auckland takes as much water as it needs from the waikato river their residents have no restrictions why because they are metered and this means it must be provided 24/7 so if because you have meters you get this why is it different if you dont have meters. We have had this discussion in the last council term and we said no, we still mean no. Some in the city believe we need to conserve water we do not, we will never run out, we will never be a desert, even our droughts are a joke, 2 weeks without rain and we are in a drought, go ask an australian farmer what a drought is, we have a skinny mountainous country, runnimg out of water never. Hamilton does not need meters it does need investment in infrastructure


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