Patricia Shumate Koch
Patricia Shumate Koch campaign leader

This is after Angel came home She lost a lot of weight She is so happy to see meThe child is not the only one who suffers under so much stress I have lost hair gained weight mostly from not eating . this is after Kris died Easter 2010. Angle died November 15 2012. Jan first 2012 A drunk driver TBonrd me on oBryans Ferry RD in frount of the prison and they let him get away Im Ingered for life. my van and only transportation is gone. my attorney wont help me settle any thing or get medical help its been al most two years I lost visiting my Angel her last months of her life, laying here in pain sometimes in so much pain nothing helps it. TRYing to deal with Kris dying Angel getting worse and not being able to see her ,and my other son steeling ,getting drunk and tahing prescribed drugs to hid the fact he was hurtinh and doug the the mentely handicapped man I took in Hey every one needs some one to love them his age is around ten years old real age is 38 now.and after the truck the same color as my van took off another driver was watching the truck and hit us agine I was going to church they took everything even my laundry was in the car and my CDS 50 of them I don't feel like theres help for us PLEASE DONT LET some one else go through this HELP FIND A CURE IF you DONATE THROUGH the web site it is a nonprofit orgeniseation write off on your taxes.

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