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Kris and Angel could not eat with out it going in their lungs so the doctor put a feedind tube up their nose down to their stomic so they could get medicine and nurtriction to them . Next is to put in a Gtube in their stomic and take out the nose tube . this is about about three- four years in the disease depending on the child. they keep growing taller but get worse in other ways having uo to fifteen different kinds of seizures a hour. oh forgot to tell you this picture was taken befor they killed Angel by giving her the wrong anistishua they did bring her back to life


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By raising money DR.Misasone will get more sinentist to find a cure please help no one wold help when my to were alive don't let there deths go to wast lets let them know people care PLEASE my two children are there now in thr RIP dep contact tricia at [email protected] or go see the web site and learn about these children and see them check out all the pages you can…

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