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I believe that many humans are becoming more and more callous and unfeeling about how they treat others, especially animals, in this case. Society as a whole, may see animal cruelty as just part of the way life is these days. I do not want people to continue to think that this is "just life" and continue to be less and less concerned about how we treat our fellow animals, humans, and environment. We don't have to just accept things as they are. We can make a difference, indeed, we can cause change. We have seen victories through activism and in seeing and hearing many voices coming together in the thousands and even millions. It may seem like lofty goals, but petitions and impassioned voices and actions have truly brought change and in many cases, and even defined new laws that have been put into place. We now have 'No Animals Left Behind' due to hard-learned lessons that Hurricane Katrina and other disasters taught law makers that people will NOT leave their animal families behind. Laws have changed in some areas regarding Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and that has brought about changes in how the so-called 'dangerous breeds' of dogs are viewed. Overall, we have to remember that voices are like 'the butterfly effect' voice added to another and another spreads awareness, and fans out to become the voices of hundreds, thousands, millions. This is how laws get changed, when we all act together in solidarity and encourage others to do the same. Animal abusers (science proves) can become human abusers and worse. I believe in fighting for what I believe in, no matter if it is 'popular' or not. I also believe in the power of the people. I hope you do as well. Let us keep working together to make change in a often-times harsh world. Let us never abandon hope that we do, indeed, matter. We can accomplish what we set out to do, not only on this campaign to Pass National Tough Anti-Cruelty Law On Animal Abusers, but also on all other wrongs that we see in this world. If we do our best, then our minds and hearts will have more peace...knowing that we have done all that we can. Thank you for your support. ~Lynn Price

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