Marlina Gonzalez
Marlina Gonzalez 4 pledges

I am a breast cancer survivor and in my attempts to cleanse myself, I realized the depth of the damage that GMOs are wreaking not just on our environment and our bodies but most importantly, on future generations.

I have a green apple that sits in my living as an example of why this cause is so important. I picked up this green apple as a leftover from a meeting at work but never ate it. This was three months ago! The green apple is still intact, unblemished. Like a piece of plastic that never wears out, our foods have been rendered life-like but not life-giving anymore. We are walking receptables of the generations of Monsanto damage. We have to start now by stopping the demise of our natural resources, our bodies and our foods. Don't wait until someone in your family suffers from it more visibly. Act now.

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