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Imagine that being bullied at work is equal to being in a relationship with someone who abuses you. Whether it is physical or emotional, which is more prevalent in bullying, yet plays an important part in the relationship. Who typically gets accused? You got it, the target. She or he must have done something to provoke the abuser. The all too prevalent mix up between target and abuser. It simply goes over people's head to see it for what it is. Violent attacks against the "weaker" target who is at fault for so many reasons. She/he provoked the verbal or even physical attack. If she/he is innocent and the workplace or relationship is unbearable, why just not get out? This states the normal behavior and thinking of people who are not within or part of this vicious cycle. The onlooker doesn't realize that threats may have been used, even to the extent of killing the target. Going postal.....we all heard the term and witnessed, on TV, employees getting ambushed at their workplace. In relationships it doesn't look any different and way too many women have been tragically murdered because nobody believed her story.......

That's why we must stand united against this very real threat. Bullying does not discriminate......please do your research if unfamiliar with the topic. The website has great info material and Dr. Nami has written two excellent books about the subject matter. I'm asking for your pledge to put a stop to this.

Thank you kindly for your support. One signature, that's all.......

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