Update #20 ·

Help us empower consumers. Vote Free2Work.

We don’t know on what day we will end human trafficking, but we know that if we work hard today we will be one day closer to freedom for everyone.

When we are shopping, we are making a choice. We are not only deciding who we are, but we are also deciding what kind of life we think other people deserve and whether we value their freedom. 

Whether you value chocolate or construction boots, yoga gear or polo shirts, you can make the choice to purchase products that fight for the freedom of the most oppressed.

Being choosy about what you buy is one of the most powerful tools you have, and the problem is, we don’t have enough research to make smart choices with every product. 

We can change that.

By voting for Free2Workfor the Innovating Justice Award, you are providing us with the opportunity to do the research that we all need to be better consumers. Only with your helpcan we win this award and fund our research program to put more information in your hands so you can continue to make choices that support freedom.

Help us create the tools you need. Vote today


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