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Petition Goal Expanded and Taking Positive Steps by Taking Back Halloween

Great job everyone! We were able to meet and quickly expand our goals for the petition asking Target to be the breakout retailer who says "No!" to a sexualized Halloween for kids. Thank you for your support.

A positive step we can take
is to support initiatives like Take Back Halloween, a website that offers amazing no-sew non-sexualized costume ideas for girls. Each season TBH introduces a class of heroines, historical figures, and ground breakers and how to create costumes for each. Check them out and support their work on kickstarter here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1877121452/take-back-halloween-0

Halloween for kids isn't about being sexy, it is about being scary or silly and having fun!

Hope you are having fun getting your kids' costumes ready!
Melissa Wardy

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