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Im sharin this pic. in memory of my mom who passed away on April 23 of this year! my moms last wish was to die at home but her wish wasnt cared out.... my father died n Jan. 1970. But my parents arent the only reason Im doin this...... its the pple. of this country. We are a nation even if some dont see that! Our fore fathers fought long & hard to give us wat we call freedom! Lets see if we cant Let Freedom Ring . We arent a communist country we are pple who are law biding citizens we want wats best for all of us not just the phew. We arent Marines we are pple. we deserve good health care & we also deserve the right to bare arms only to protect wats ours. Why not give peace a chance? Give us a good health care plan! If the Tea Party has to continue so be it. But the plan Obama came up with has to many holes in it. We are a Nation one nation indians included they were here first! I do this for the pple. & by the pple Im an Native american my parents are the same, wr luv this country dont destroy it. Let Freedom Ring.

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