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Turning Up the Heat on Monsanto

It was a good week for OCA’s anti-Monsanto activists. Their protests, in Washington D.C. and Chicago, drew crowds, generated media coverage and did what protests do: Drew attention to the destruction wrought by greedy corporations like Monsanto that have no regard for the people they make sick, and the earth, air and water they pollute.

Thursday, Oct. 10, on Capitol Hill

Someone shouted “Monsanto Money!” as thousands of dollars poured down from the balcony in the Hart Senate office building. Posing as biotech industry lobbyists, OCA and Occupy Monsanto activists dove for the cash, rolled in it. They even made “money angels.” Then police showed up and started making arrests, but not before the Twitterverse and Blogosphere erupted with eyewitness accounts. One wit quipped that a lobbyist must have exploded.

Monsanto lobbyists dragged away in handcuffs for throwing money around Congress? It was theatrical protest at its best, inspired by the one-and-only Abbie Hoffman. The message was clear: Monsanto, stop buying our politicians! If only.

Watch Monsanto Money Rain down on Congress

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Activists Are Arrested for Showering U.S. Senate Building with $2,000

Saturday, Oct. 12, Chicago

Nearly 500 people turned out in Chicago to mark World Food Day with a March against Monsanto, organized by OCA, Illinois Right to Know GMO and other local and national groups. Waving signs and chanting “Monsanto’s Gotta Go!” protestors swarmed Federal Plaza and delivered petitions to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s Chicago offices.

Watch activists March against Monsanto in Chicago

Watch activists deliver their message to the FDA in Chicago

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