Ella Logan
Ella Logan signed

We have let the politicians do whatever they wanted to long. It's time the people take back their Government, get rid of all the greedy b********. It supposed to be we the people for the people. Not , We the rich and powerful for the rich . They have forgotten who put them in office. We need to take back our rights while we still have a few left. Put GOD BACK IN OUR GOV'T? AND SCHOOLS ! I am ashamed of our younger generation, no morals, nothing is sacred to them except sex and money. That is what our people in charge today have done to our Country. Children don't get to be innocent anymore. And don't even want to start on Vanity. Everyone looks alike in hollywood and reality. Everyone wants to be a star. If they only knew that in the eyes of God we are a star. We don't have to look like everyone else. Reminds me a science fiction film. So lets get busy and get some holsome, good people back on our side.

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