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I learned early in childhood, while Mama was giving me exhaustive lessons on Being A Lady, that what we call "femininity" is fake -- artificial, a hoax, a fraud perpetrated on innocent girls. It's a con-game made up of shaving and wigging, cinching and padding, powdering and painting, costuming and perfuming, posing and acting and altering one's voice. Even a man can do it -- which can be shown at any "fern" Gay bar.

I rebelled against the whole fraud and worked to become an athlete, which made my mother despair and call me a "tomboy", at best. My classmates in high school sneered, and called me worse. Nonetheless, I persevered and took my own course. Years later I got to meet some of my old classmates who'd bought into the "femininity" game, and though most of them had married into far more money than I was making, I saw that none of them was anywhere near as happy -- or had aged as well -- as me.

The best advice I could give any girl is to reject the "femininity" crap and be natural. Be yourself, not anybody else's definition of a Lady. You'll live better.

--Leslie <;)))>< Fish

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