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A trip to Guadalupe reveals more about the sharks and OCEARCH lies

Oh, these sharks are ever mysterious, just the way I like them. Just returned from filming white sharks after too long a break from my favorite animal and was privileged enough to spend multiple days with PhD Mauricio Hoyas. This year, a new female showed up to the area, estimated at between 17 and 18 feet. Clearly she's not young, so where has she been all the previous years?

Anyway, the gallery link shows the first of many images to come from the trip. I was thrilled not to see any tags on the sharks...it seems a few seasons with the invasive researchers busy damaging sharks in other parts of the world did wonders for these sharks...but what has come of the sharks that were bolt tagged? Hopefully still alive...

Whether the data from these tags is necessary or important enough to justify such grotesque deformations (my opinion is that it is not and I believe I can prove it and am closer with every interview I conduct), witnessing these animals again in their unparalleled magnificence reminded me that it simply seems wrong to deface such perfection.

Oh, and adding to OCEARCH's ever growing list of lies is the fact that Mauricio Hoyas DOES NOT support these methods on the white sharks. Yep, I have it on camera. Seems OCEARCH likes to make a lot of claims without the consent of those they mention (remember just a few months ago when Shark Savers had to deny collaboration?). What other lies have they been telling? Just wait for my next update...oh man, just wait! You might be surprised, and if you're one of the people who donated to OCEARCH you just might be sickened.

Anyway, here are some 2013 images of these lovely animals to enjoy. http://www.whitesharkvideo.com/2013-white-sharks.html

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