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The Ladies of Comic Con Can Show the Halloween Industry How to Change

Hello! Thank you for your support for this campaign to put the fun and scary back into Halloween for kids and stop the marketing of sexualized, stereotyped costumes. I was in New York City this weekend celebrating with my non-profit the Brave Girls Alliance as we had rented a billboard in Times Square to project these messages about healthier media for girls to the world. During my weekend I also spent a lot of time at the New York Comic Con and had some interesting takeaways from all of the costumes I saw there and the support from geek girls to end the sexualization of girlhood.

You can read more and see photos here: http://blog.pigtailpals.com/2013/10/what-the-halloween-costume-industry-could-learn-from-comic-con/

Again, thank you for your support! Be sure to share this campaign with your social media circles so that we can gain even more support as your friends and family join us!

Best -
Melissa Wardy

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