Update #8 ·

Tunisia today...

This weekend Tunisian media has with great suport from the politicians launched a campaign against my brother and his friend. They are pointing them out as terrorists etc. Its all a big scam that in the end probably will lead to blackmail against our families and Sweden, its all about getting money for nothing. The father that kidnapped his child from Norway is wanted by Interpol in Europe. He is convicted in Norway for several crimes. This is how the "nice" tourist country Tunisia looks behind the curtains. I would definetly not recomend any one to go there as a tourist as long as the political situation is the way it is. You could as well get kidnapped and charged for whatever reason. The trial was postponed, now we see why. To build a bigger threat against them, to make up a story in media, to launch this picture of them as privat mercenaries. Im afraid that this can end really bad. So whatever you can do to support them, whatever you can do to put pressure on Tunisia, if so only by not buying food from their country, please do. Thank you for your support so far, I will update this more frequently now that we are getting actions in Tunisia. Have a nice day.

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