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Today is the 5th anniversary of the efforts of MBCN.Org marching to Congress to stake a day for Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness-Oct 13th. This week in the MBC community, we were greatful that 14 non profit breast cancer and advanced/metastatic breast cancer org's came together and announced that they will work together as a team so thus the "Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance" was formed! (www.mbcalliance.org) Metavivor.Org has a campaign (30% for 30) which simply means that we stage IV metsters want proportionate funding from the government institutions funding research as less than 3% goes towards specific stage IV breast cancer research-they challenge these institutions to give 30 % as 30% of breast cancer patients recur and go on to be stage IV metastatic breast cancer patients fighting for their lives! Metavivor just announced this morning that they are claiming not just Oct 13th for recognition of our disease; they are claiming Oct 13th – Oct 22nd (30% of the month). Watch FB, Twitter and the Metavivor blog for daily updates from Oct 13th through Oct 22nd. Metavivor has done a great service by donating 100% of their donations towards specific stage IV breast cancer research, please go to their website and give generously! (Metavivor.org) and last but not least, I would like to wish a very dear and special friend "HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY" Anita never dreamed she would make it this far! She has helped so many of us metsters with very valuable information as Anita was an RN throughout the span of her adult career and has selflessly always answered our medical questions when our own Oncologists didn't have any answers-YES! She is that good! When you have had stage IV breast cancer for 14 years and too numerous to count chemos and trial drugs, you become your own medical expert! She is a wealth of knowledge! Please go make a small birthday contribution in her honor to her fund me site, http://www.gofundme.com/492qg0 Thank you all for your undying support of this petition-we have reached 18,000 signatures as of today! Although the MBC Alliance looks favorable in supporting the metastatic communities needs, it is a new org with many top heavy personnel from the largest consortiums that will more than likely butt heads with differing opinions on the matter of prevention, early detection, metastasis research study and support of clinical trials, etc. so we will carefully keep our eyes glued to the forward progress of this newly formed organization. I still have a bone to pick with Ford/Warriors In Pink, which is the original reason why this petition exists-they do not have anyone out of the 11 "Warriors of Courage" representing a metastatic breast cancer patient-the stories posted on the WIP website are pink and fluffy, not realistic and not representative of a stage IV/metastatic patient. I also question whether the money that Warriors in Pink gives to Komen and Dr. Susan Love-which has just joined the MBC Alliance, is going to give more of the donated money towards specific stage IV research and programs. The main goal of this petition was to draw attention to the breast cancer charities who snub the metastatic breast cancer community; I specifically targeted Warriors in Pink as they give 100% of the sale of their consumer WIP merchandise to these org's that continuously ignore us! If the MBC Alliance can advance our voice and change the dogma of these BC org's that they now sit down at the roundtable with, then it is time for Ford/Warriors in Pink to start acknowledging us as well and give us a spokesperson for stage IV-OUR OWN WARRIOR VOICE! Also, give the consumer's a choice to support a stage IV charity and include one with the 4 existing charities of choice for the consumer to make when purchasing WIP wear and gear apparel! We want our voices to be heard to Ford! Stop snubbing us!


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