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Lions happen to be my favorite animal. I have loved them since I was little. When I first saw this, I immediately burst into tears. No animal deserves to be treated this way, this lioness was killed infront of her cubs. This is what some people call entertainment, I call this barbaric and the 'people' involved in this should be jailed, never to be released. These animals are beautiful, intelligent and they have managed to amaze me everyday since the day they stole my heart. These 'people' are clearly not educated enough to know what a dangerous impact this has on their population numbers! Lions need to be protected and not to be used for this sick 'entertainment' . I hope these merciless killers dont find peace in their lives and that they be haunted by the sadness in this lionesses eyes. Lions are one of the most iconic animals, Africa would not be the same without them which is why we need to stand together and fight. Canned and trophy hunting is cruel and should be stopped once and for all.
A 90% decline in Lion populations since 1975, that should send chills down your spine!!! Canned and trophy hunting as well as poaching is a devastating reality, but its not too late to make a difference!
Please be their voice, i cant do this alone!
Stand up! Be apart of the change! Be the the voice! Be the change and help these animals, they need us!

Every voice makes a difference.

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