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Several years ago (long before I became involved with rescue) we took one of our middle aged dogs (7) to Banfield because he seemed not wuite right. Nor his perky self, disoriented, not playing with others. We were told by receptionist thst he wpuld have to have $1,500+ in tests run so they could rule out problems. She suggested we buy into their insurance plan and we could get a discount that way. We told her we couldn't afford $1500 and she saud we were killing our dog if we didn't do all the testing first. We left, never being able to even see a vet. We got a neighbor's recommendation and went directly to that vet. Turns out our 7 year old had suffered a stroke. He was on meds for the next 6 years before he passed but the total cost of the vet appointment was $165, nearly $1000 less than what Banfield wanted for testing.
We have since heard hortor stories about Banfield. Dogs dying during spay/neuter (several) one had a leg amputated because of hair loss and itching (?????) and another didn't eake up after a dental. Banfield has no place even being in business. I support this petition 100% and am happy to sign it and shate it with others. Let's put Banfield out of business everywhere!

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