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Sandra Jensen campaign leader

“Killing will not stop people from abandoning animals, and that is the cause of our situation; it is what leads to an increase in population. We should not succumb to small temptations, big goals are reached with small steps," said State Veterinary Inspector for the control of animal welfare in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Inga Dujmovic.

On Thursday the 3rd of October the Bosnia-Herzegovina Parliament held a debate on whether or not to change the existing animal welfare law to allow ‘euthanasia’ of dogs held in shelters for more than 14 days without adoption.

Those opposing the change in the debate (local representatives from Dogs' Trust, various pro-animal NGOs, ordinary citizens, veterinary experts from the Veterinary Faculty, professors, lawyers) took more room and were in all ways more articulate

However, the government representatives and in particular SDP representative Nermina Zaimović Uzunović (who originally presented a Bill on changes and amendments to the Animal Welfare and Protection Act at the assembly on July 6 2013) behaved as if they heard none of the facts, explanations of the actual causes of the problem and how to remedy the problem.

It will be hard to keep the law as is. The next 2 weeks are critical.

What is important right now is to lobby your embassy representative in Bosnia Herzegovina and at home, and the Bosnian Embassy in your country, and your EU Member of Parliament.

Write a PERSONAL, POLITE LETTER asking them to strongly urge the Bosnia-Herzegovina government to not change the law but instead to start actually implementing it! The Animal Welfare Act of Bosnia is actually very good, it's just that it's not implemented!

We need to keep the momentum, with press, meetings, lobbying, letters.

A key member of the animal welfare lobby has stated:

“We need to play this smart, plan good timing for every action and save some ammunition for the days and weeks to come!”

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