Вања Лучић
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Because everything about their practice is nothing less than sick and twisted, people need to wake up, this WORLD needs to wake up !
Don't let this happen, dogs have been our best friends since the day they were tamed.
It sickens me that the very same animals that these abominations torture them are more humane than we are, and we're called HUMANS. This is not humane, nor it is normal to do something like this.

Please people, be humane. Prove that you have a soul, and do the least you can do; Sign this petition and make sure things like this don't happen in your own city, or your own neighborhood ! If they can provide such unconditional love to us, I'm sure as hell that we can do the same.

Please, don't let me or anyone even beg for something like this... Sign it, because this campaign is something you should support. Save our friends, or should I say, best friends.


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